Get your garden ready for summer! 

Your garden can easily get cluttered with plants, broken pots, tools and many other outdoor accessories. While we are regularly clearing our homes, what about our gardens?  

For a fresh start, here are some tips on how to de-clutter your garden and keep it nice and tidy for summer:  

- Sort Your Pots & Greenery - Gather all your pots and salvage what you can and we can remove the rest for you.  Discard all your broken pots and any rubbish. 

- Get a hold of toys and accessories - Gather everything in a large basket or box. Remove the broken ones. Donate anything that you no longer use and someone else could cherish.  

- Tidy up - Get rid of any clutter! Clear out any unnecessary or broken items from your garden and tackle any deformed bushes or hedges.  

If you have a mixture of bagged loose cuttings and larger pilled branches, our team can take these straight to the van for you. 

Depending on the volume of garden waste collected, with Skoup you can now Van It, Skip It or Bag It and we will take care of the rest for you. Getting rid of garden waste has never been easier with Skoup! 

Have you started spring cleaning yet?

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