Tidy Garden Organisation Ideas and Tips

Have you ever noticed how your once tidy garden or outdoor space can easily become cluttered? Especially after the long winter months when we’ve spent most of our time tucked up inside.

Come spring and summer, plants, broken pots, tools, general rubbish and other outdoor accessories – not to mention kids’ toys and accessories - can all contribute to a messy-looking garden (and we don’t want that). 

Whilst many of us regularly clear out our homes of any rubbish and clutter, what about a garden tidy up? For a fresh start, here are our expert tidy garden ideas and tips for de-cluttering your outdoor space and making it a soothing area that you want to spend time in during for  the warmer months.

Try to stay on top of things throughout the year

If you’ve left your garden to its own devices for a while, we know that a thorough garden tidy can seem like an overwhelming and time-consuming job. But garden tidy ups don’t have to be this way! To avoid this, try to stay on top of your garden as much as you can throughout the year.

This means, mowing the lawn, sweeping the patio and raking leaves. Think little and often. Regularly doing smaller jobs like these will help to keep your garden in good condition all year round and make tidying it less daunting.

Sort out your plant pots and tools

The green-fingered gardeners amongst you may be inundated with pots, accessories and tools that detract from all the hard work you’ve put into other parts of the garden. A quick garden tidy up can soon solve this!

Gather all your pots, tools and accessories together in one place to neaten up your outdoor space and make it easier when the time comes to use one of them. Organise your pots into different sizes, be ruthless and discard any broken pots or ones you don’t need any more.

Keep on top of greenery

Another great tidy garden tip is to stay on top of your greenery. Rather than neglecting your plants throughout the winter, try to get in the habit of doing some garden maintenance on a regular basis. Dead-head old flowers, trim or prune bushes and shrubs, remove weeds; these small jobs can make a big difference to how your garden looks.

Don’t neglect the shed or garage

All too often, sheds and garages can become dumping grounds for clutter like toys, bikes and general rubbish. So, we advise you to think carefully about how you can maximise the space you have to help to organise your garden.

Can you remove old furniture to make room for more storage? Can you put up shelving units or drawers to house tools and accessories? Can you store your bikes out of the way on a bike rack? Changes like this can help you to best utilise the space and make a big difference to your garden organisation.

Get a box for toys and kids’ accessories

If you have kids, you’ll know how quickly a garden can go from being a soothing outdoor sanctuary to being littered with a vast array of footballs, diggers, tricycles, rackets and more. 

Find yourself a dedicated toys and accessories box to keep everything neatly in one place. This doesn’t need to be anything fancy, a simple plastic box or outdoor basket will do. 

Gather everything together into the box and keep the rest of your garden clutter-free. Remember to remove any broken toys and donate anything that you no longer use or want to charity, and someone else could cherish it.  

Clear out broken or unwanted items

Our final tip for tidying your garden is to get rid of any clutter! Clear out any unnecessary or broken items from your garden. This can be broken tools, excess materials, bricks, branches, greenery and more. You’ll be amazed at what a difference it can make.

Those of you who find it difficult to part with any items may want to enlist a friend to help you to decide what to throw away and what to keep.


Regardless of  the volume of garden waste you have collected, Skoup can help you to remove it. Choose from our van, skip and bagged waste collection services and we will take care of the rest for you. Getting rid of garden waste has never been easier.

We hope these tidy garden organisation ideas and tips have inspired you to keep your outdoor space in tip-top condition. Have you started spring cleaning yet? Book your garden waste collection today!


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