How to dispose of your Christmas Tree?

The Christmas tree has lit up your home and filled it with the refreshing smell of pine. But sadly now it is time to take it down and pack away the decorations. While taking down tinsel and fairy lights shouldn’t take too long, figuring out how to dispose of your Christmas tree in the best way is far trickier. 

According to the Twelfth night tradition, if you don’t want any bad luck for the next year, you need to make sure you’ve taken down the Christmas tree by the 5th of January. Thankfully, the team at Skoup has put together some tips on how and where to dispose of your Christmas tree in an environmentally friendly way:  

Real Tree:

  1. ‘Real’ trees can be recycled and shredded into chippings that can be later used in parks or woodland areas; Check out your local council websites to find the nearest recycling centre
  2. If you have the right skillset, you can chop up your Christmas tree yourself and use it to create a shelter for animals or if you leave the wood to rot down, it will create a good compost for your plants; 
  3. You can replant your tree and enjoy it for years to come. By replanting your potted Christmas tree you are not only giving it a new life, but you can also create shelter for wildlife; 
  4. Some charities across the UK can collect and recycle your tree in exchange for a small monetary donation. To find a local charity that offers this service, check the map here.
  5. Donate your tree to an organisation or charity offering a ‘treecycling’. Christmas trees can used to build strong flood barriers in communities around the UK. 
  6. Book any van service & we’ll take away your tree & anything else that needs clearing out!

Artificial Tree:

  1. Unfortunately, artificial Christmas trees are made from diverse materials which are not recyclable. If your tree is still in good shape, keep it in storage for next year or donate it to charity shops; 
  2. If you’ve got an artificial tree that is beyond reuse, Skoup can take care of that for you, simply book any van service & we’ll take away your tree & anything else that needs clearing out!

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