We live in an exciting time. Every day new technology enters the market, designed to make our lives easier and improve our quality of living. From phones to laptops, fridges to washing machines, lamps to televisions, there is always something new to catch our attention. Riding a wave of ever evolving technology, one of the biggest difficulties we are finding doesn’t come from finding or buying new technology, but rather getting rid of the old technology it replaces. 

Every year, there are an estimated 2 million tonnes of WEEE waste produced in the UK. Unlike with normal landfill waste, or other bulky waste items, WEEE needs to be treated differently. Standing for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, WEEE items often contain chemicals like lead, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury, meaning they can’t be disposed of in precisely the same way. Instead, there are WEEE recycling processes in place to help ensure that our unwanted and unused electrical items can be disposed of safely. 

Here, at Skoup, as part of Biffa, we are experts in WEEE recycling and collections, meaning that if you have old electric products, we can help you dispose of them responsibly. Whether you are trying to remove old equipment from a commercial or business location, or if you are just trying to get rid of an old freezer from your garage, we are on hand to help you easily and proactively get rid of your waste. 

What Constitutes WEEE?

Waste electrical and electronic equipment is an incredibly broad term, and immediately when hearing of WEEE, it can be easy to think of washing machines and old fridges. That being said, the term is much wider than that. Almost everything with an electrical plug, or everything that gets charged by an electrical socket, counts as WEEE.

This means that the following items could be considered WEEE, and thus need to be disposed of in a safe way rather than being thrown into landfill:

  • Fridges, freezers, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers
  • Tumble dryers, washing machines
  • Televisions, speakers, radios, music systems, phones
  • Treadmills, exercise bikes, electric rowing machines
  • Electric toothbrushes & blenders
  • Desktop computers, laptops, printers, fax machines, copying machines
  • Some forms of medical equipment (i.e. incubator, vitals monitors)
  • Electronic toys, games consoles, and some musical instruments
  • Lamps, heaters, and electric fans

This is where WEEE recycling comes in.

WEEE Recycling as Bulky Waste

Naturally, there are certain items that can easily be upcycled, donated, or taken to a local recycling centre; however, there are other items that are considered as bulky waste. When an item is considered bulky waste, it can be difficult to transport yourself, mainly due to it being too big to transport in most cars. For larger items, here at Skoup we offer a bulky waste removal service that is specifically designed to help you dispose of your waste in a responsible and reliable way. Whether you are transporting large pieces of unwanted furniture, or whether you are trying to get rid of bulky WEEE, we are here to help.

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Can WEEE be put in a skip?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the chemicals involved, WEEE cannot be put in a skip. That said, WEEE recycling and collection services are available, specialising in removing WEEE from your property. 

How is WEEE disposed of?

WEEE has to be handled in a very specific way in order to ensure that it is disposed of correctly. Where most WEEE cannot be disposed of in landfill, there are specific methods that can be used to safely dispose of waste electrical items. Those methods vary per item.

The great news is though that a large portion of WEEE items or their components can be recycled. This means we are able to break down larger pieces to their component parts for reuse in future electrical products or other items. Not only is this friendlier for the environment, because the chemicals that are contained within wasted electrical products do not enter the soil via a landfill site, but it also means that the environmental impact of manufacturing new components can be reduced.

Waste WEEE for Businesses

As a form of waste, WEEE can exist in both homes and businesses, although the type of electronics waste can vary. If you run an office, then you may find that you have computer equipment you need to safely dispose of, a printer you need to get rid of to make space, or outdated equipment that you are upgrading like old school fax machines. If this is the case, then you are going to want to get rid of the old electronics in a safe and reliable way. 

At Skoup we work closely with businesses in order to help them ensure that they can dispose of all of their WEEE whilst adhering to regulation. What is more, at Skoup we base our whole WEEE recycling service around your convenience. If you require waste electrical or electronic products to be removed from your premise quickly, we can pick them up the very same day if you book our service before 12 noon. 

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Waste WEEE from your home

Sometimes you are able to dispose of your old electrical goods like phones and laptops by taking them to a recycling centre, and sometimes the item you want to get rid of is far too big to fit in the back of your car. It is for moments like these that Skoup can really help you out.

Whether you are looking to get rid of a series of smaller waste electrical products, or whether you are looking to get rid of one or two big items, here at Skoup we offer a WEEE removal service you can rely on. Our service is designed to help you make the space you need in your home, by taking any bulky or WEEE waste you may have, and helping you dispose of it with minimal fuss. 
At Skoup, we offer WEEE recycling tailored to your needs. If you have a fridge, freezer, old exercise bike, TV and more that you want to get rid of, we can help you get rid of everything you want to in one clean sweep.

You can find out more about our man-in-a-van style bulky waste removal here. 

Convenient WEEE Recycling and Removal

No matter what it is you are wanting to get rid of, here at Skoup we offer a service perfect for your situation. Whether a business or a household, whether wanting to get rid of one item or twenty, we can accommodate your need. You can book your collection here, or you can call us on today on 03300 535 535 to discuss your needs in more detail.