Skoup’s van service is a fast, cost-effective and hassle-free way to dispose of unwanted items. Often a cheaper and more convenient alternative to a skip, our van service can be used to pick up any number of items – from mattresses to lawnmowers. The question is though, how much stuff can you actually fit into a van? What can it take away? 

It is often the case that, when we need to remove items from our property or when conducting a renovation project, will opt for a skip because they have certain benefits. Skips are a well known waste management tool, and: 

  • Can be hired for extended periods 
  • Can be filled with heavier materials like rubble  

That being said, skips are not the only option you have at your disposal if you need to get rid of rubbish or unwanted items. If you’re looking to clear out your loft, garage, garden or even having your kitchen refitted a van service might be a cheaper and more efficient alternative to a skip. 

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If you have waste that needs to be taken away as quickly as possible, our van services are a fantastic alternative to hiring a skip. Here’s why:

  • Our van service can remove most types of waste including furnituremattresses, wooden cabinets, fixtures and fittings, bric-a-brac, garden waste, water-based paint cans and electrical waste. View our full list of accepted items
  • Our helpful drivers will load everything onto the van for you so there’s no need for heavy lifting. 
  • Unwanted items can be collected and removed on the same day.  
  • Our quarter van service can be completed in as little as 15 minutes, helping you get rid of the waste you need as quickly as possible.
  • Van prices start from just £75 and our full van collection could save you on average £89 compared to a 12-yard skip. 

Like the sound of our van service, as opposed to hiring a skip, and believe that our van service is the best option for you, book your slot online. If you need a little more information on what size van is right for your clear out, keep reading.  

Knowing Which Van Service is Right for You

Below, we’ve created a few common household and business scenarios to show you the right size collection and avoid any disappointment on the day.  

Quarter Van:

A quarter van collection is suitable for a whole host of smaller items or a few larger unwanted items. This makes it perfect if you are looking to clear one room, like your loft or your garage, ideal for tidying your garden, or useful for cleaning out a workspace. For example:

  • Sorting out the loft/ garage: 5 bags or boxes of bric-a-brac, 5ft artificial Christmas trees (dismantled), single bed frame and mattress*, old TV*, a dismantled closet/ wardrobe;
  • Tidying the garden: 5 sacks of garden waste (excluding soil), electric lawnmower, round BBQ or small patio heater (excluding gas canisters), 5 ft real Christmas trees, 4 garden chairs and a garden table;
  • Clearing out your workspace: an old desk, a broken swivel chair, computer monitor, a box of wires for devices you no longer have, 4 archive boxes of documents, 2 pedestal drawers. 

*for an additional charge

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Half van:

Our half van collection service offers that extra space for those items you didn’t know you had in your garage or loft. Once you start clearing out unwanted items, things quickly start piling up and you may need a little more van room if you’re looking to clear out multiple rooms. The half van service can be perfect for tidying the garden, or doing a larger clearance of a workspace. For example, the half van can hold:

  • Sorting out the loft/garage: 5 large packing boxes of bric-a-brac, scabby sofa – 2 seater, 6ft artificial Christmas tree (dismantled), double bed frame and mattress*, old TV*, a dismantled closet/wardrobe;
  • Tidying the garden: 5 sacks of garden waste (excluding soil), double BBQ or patio heater (excluding gas canisters), 6ft real Christmas tree, broken bird house, electric lawnmower, full garden furniture set;
  • Clearing out your workspace: 4 pedestal drawers, six person meeting table, eight office chairs, 5 boxes of miscellaneous computer equipment, 5 archive boxes of files, two years of waiting room magazines.

*for an additional charge


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Full Van:

A full van collection offers the equivalent space of a 12-yard skip, perfect for the quick removal of old kitchen units or shop décor before a refit. Best of all - items that are not suitable for a skip (such as a cooker or a fridge) can be taken away in a van. This makes our full van service perfect for remodelling, large garden landscaping projects, or whole office renovations. For example:

  • Remodeling a kitchen: 5-6 kitchen wall cabinets, 4-5 under counter cabinets, double Fridge freezer*, free standing cooker*, unwanted appliances, 10 sacks of off-cuts and general rubbish, kitchen work-top;
  • Moderate garden landscaping: 4 garden chairs and a garden table, dismantled trampoline, child’s swing set, 7ft real Christmas tree, electric lawnmower, broken bird house, 15-20 garden waste sacks (excluding soil), double BBQ or patio heater (excluding gas canisters), large garden shed (dismantled);
  • Office or shop renovation: 10 archive boxes of documents, 8 pedestal drawers, under counter fridge*, three boxes of miscellaneous computer equipment, three desks, six office chairs, six person meeting table, four reception chairs.

*for an additional charge


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If at any point during the collection your items have filled the space booked, our helpful team will assist you in arranging a larger service, based on availability. Simply pay the difference and choose a time that suits you. 

Likewise, if you booked a half/full van collection but your items only filled a quarter/half van or less then we will refund you the difference in price. Either way you always get the best deal with Skoup!

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