What size van do I need?

If you are not sure which size van you need for your waste, check out our guide here. If you need further guidance, contact us on 03300 535 535.

Are van services based on the size or the weight of items?

Charges are based on the volume filled in the van. However, there are weight limits for each size as detailed on our website.

If I book the all day slot will the driver contact me when they are on their way?

Yes, either a member of the Skoup customer service team or the driver will contact you by your preferred method of communication (usually phone or email) to confirm the driver is on their way. If you book a specific time slot e.g. between 9-10am, please note we can't provide a specific collection time. Please ensure the waste is outside & ready before your booked time slot and we'll take it away.

Can I book a Van It service if I don’t have off-street parking available?

Yes, all our drivers need for collection is safe access near to the property that does not result in blocking the road or violate parking restrictions. Any permits required to park at or near the property need to be arranged before the driver’s arrival. 

The driver was unable to complete collection, can I arrange for another day free of charge?

We do not charge a fee if a collection was not completed. Call our helpful customer service team on 03300 535 535 to arrange an alternative date.

Can I make amendments to my order, including my address, time slot and service? 

If you need to make any amendments to your booking, please contact our customer service team on 03300 535 535 and we will do our best to accommodate your request. There is no administration fee for changes, but we do request 24 hours’ notice before collection begins to allow for arrangements to be made. Please note, prices may differ depending on the changes required. 

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your waste collection service at any time without charge. We do request you call our customer service team on 03300 535 535 at least 24 hours before collection is due to begin. You will receive a complete refund unless works have commenced in which case the full fee paid will be retained. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further information.

Do I need to put my rubbish into bags?

We ask that all small items or general rubbish are bagged ready for collection. You do not need to bag large or bulky items. For more information, please visit our important information page.  

Where should I leave items for collection?

All items must be collected from outside the property, and be ready on day of collection.  We recommend smaller items for collection are gathered in one area and put into bags to avoid anything being missed. You do not need to be present when the collection occurs. Skoup does not accept responsibility for items that are mistakenly removed. For more information, please visit our terms and conditions.

Do I have to dismantle furniture before the driver collects it?

We ask that any furniture is broken down as best as possible in order for our crew to take it down to the van location safely. If you require assistance with this, please contact our team on 03300 535 535 before the day of collection.

If on the day I have more items for disposal and need a half or full van load, will I have to book another collection? 

If the items can safely fit onto the van with the waste already loaded and are suitable for van collection, you can call our customer service team on 03300 535 535 and pay an additional fee for the items to be taken immediately. If there is no capacity on the van, or items cannot be mixed with the waste already taken, you will need to place an additional order for another time.

Do you use any third party van services?

On occasion, there may be times where our vans are at full capacity, or some of your items require specialist removal, in these instances we may use a preferred third party partner. All of our partners have been fully audited to ensure that they are compliant and have the same credentials as Biffa to ensure peace of mind that you’ll be receiving the highest standard.

Does all my waste go to landfill?

Skoup has access to Biffa’s full range of recycling and recovery facilities to process as much material as possible for recycling, including Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Wherever possible, rubbish is diverted from landfill either via recycling facilities or waste to energy alternatives.

What is WEEE?

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) are electrical items that have come to the end of their user life and covers a range of equipment, from small household items such as a toaster, lamp or hairdryer to large electricals including a computer, TV, fridge or freezer.

Can I book multiple vans?

Currently you can only book one service per online transaction, but we are working towards adding this feature. To book multiple services online, you would need to make separate bookings for each service. Alternatively, contact our helpful team directly on 03300 535 535 who can book in additional services over the phone or recommend alternative services.

Is there a discount for booking multiple services?

For large collections that would require multiple services, please contact our helpful customer service team on 03300 535 535 who can arrange the best value for your waste collection needs.

Is there an additional charge for same day collection?

There is no additional fee for our anytime, same day van collection service. All same day collections must be booked before 12pm.

How far in advance can I book a Van It service?

You can book van collections services online up to three months in advance. For collections that surpass this time, please contact our customer service team on 03300 535 535.

What is considered a bulky item?

A bulky item is anything that would not fit into your household waste bin including flat packed furniture that has been dismantled, a sofa, mattress, fridge, freezer or garden furniture.

How long does a waste collection take?

  • Quarter Van - Depending on access to the items (stair access, floor level, etc.), our quarter van collection service can be completed in just 10 minutes. However, collections may take up to 30 minutes.
  • Half Van - Depending on access to the items (stair access, floor level, etc.), an average half van waste collection service for our drivers takes around 30 minutes.
  • Full Van - Depending on access to the items (stair access, floor level etc.), an average full van waste collection service for our drivers can be completed in 1 hour.

What can I expect from a van collection service from Skoup?

With any Skoup van collection service, you should expect a quick and easy online booking process as well as additional support from our helpful customer service desk. On the day of collection, one of our friendly van drivers will arrive at the property and remove the specified items in as little as 10 minutes! (time varies depending on service size). With Skoup, you can be sure you’ll be receiving the best van collection service from a compliant and environmentally conscious business.