Follow our handy guide exploring the different steps to take when planning your house clearance project. 

The Best Way To Plan A House Clearance

Do you need a house clearance? Where to even begin? Who can possibly help with the job? And where do you take all of your rubbish?

We discuss all of these questions and the suitable steps to take when taking on your house clearance task.

Do you need a house clearance?

Firstly, if you’re moving house or clearing a property, you may need a thorough house clearance. Removing waste items via a waste collection company is a simple way to do this as you may need some help clearing out the belongings with a van, skip or black bin waste service. 

How much time will a house clearance take?

Giving yourself enough time for the job at hand is the best way to avoid any problems in the long-run. Clear some time in your diary to tackle each room as well as factor in specific dates with any collection companies, in order to give yourself a deadline and make sure all of the belonging are dealt with accordingly and nothing is overlooked. 

How can you plan for a house clearance?

Preparation is key to taking the stress out of your house clearance job. Breaking the process down into tasks will make it a manageable job. 

Follow our Simple 3-Step House Clearance Guide below:

1. Keep It, Donate it, Bin It

Separate all of the belongings into clear piles, KEEP, DONATE and BIN. 

By going through every single item and deciding what to keep, give to charity, or which items are only good for the bin, will help when arranging your items for their removal and reduce clutter.

Be ruthless, this is the purpose of your clearance! Now is the time to free yourself from belongings that you no longer need hanging around. By separating everything in each room into different piles will help when arranging for their collection, or keeping valuable items safe. 

2. Arrange for collections

For everything you wish to keep, these can be carefully boxed up and dealt with by your house removals company or you may want to hire a private van to do the job on moving day. 

For items you would like to donate, check online or at your local charity shop to see if they accept the types of items you have available to drop off (clothing, electrical, furniture etc.). Even easier would be to arrange to simply leave these bagged items outside for collection by a charity on set days as advised. 

Lastly, it’s time to deal with all that rubbish. You may want to take all of the waste items to a local tip and will likely need to hire a van or do a few car trips. But if you have a substantial amount of waste, you will need a skip, van or additional waste collection to dispose of your house clearance items. 

3. Estimate how much has got to go!

The simplest solution to get rid of all your stuff is to arrange for a house (domestic) waste removal company to pick up your rubbish.

Arranging for the collection of the items destined for rubbish is an easy sand safe way to get rid of large amounts of waste and any awkward to carry items. 

Estimating how much rubbish there is and what service you might need to help get rid of it, isn’t complicated either. You will just need to specify what type of rubbish and how much rubbish there is, to decide which service is best for the job. 

Here are some tips to help you choose:

  • Van it – Arranging a man with a van is simple and a great option for quick and flexible removal of bulk items such as furniture, white goods, garden waste and general rubbish. Not sure what size van you need? Check out what’s available and which is most suitable for your waste.
  • Skip it – If your rubbish is piling up and the clearance is likely to take longer than a day or two, a skip is the best way to collect all of your house clearance rubbish. A small skip holds the equivalent of 50 black bags – but if you have more, use our handy online tool to calculate how big your skip will need to be
  •  Bag it – Handy for smaller items which can easily be bagged up for collection, leave them outside and they can be taken away at a time to suit you. Read more about what waste can be bagged and collected from your home.

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